About Me

A designer, a thinker and a strategist; I've been leading and designing interactive media for 13+ years. My interactive projects include a wide range of clients from Fortune 50 Companies to small businesses where I've incorporated best practices in responsive design, usability, search optimized layouts and CMS integrations.

Interactive Creative Director

Strategic Planning

Years of experience in content, search, user intent and creative strategies helps me build a path and plan for your project.

UX & Prototyping

An integral piece that combines creative and interaction giving my clients a sense of layout and functionality.

Creative Design

My favorite step that allows me to create static visuals of what your website, app or interactive project is going to look and feel like.

Draw... Paint... Draw Again.

I've been passionate about design for as long as I can remember. Growing up all I ever wanted to do was draw on my bedroom walls. My mother had me repaint my room at least a dozen times through grade school.

My Work

Brands I've Collaborated With

Food & Agriculture
United Healthcare
Health Care Provider
Optum Health
Health Care Provider
Children's Hospital
MN Pediatric Health Care
Belliso Foods
Innovative Foods Provider
Joe Mauer
Joe Mauer's Quickswing
Mergers & Acquisitions Consultant
General Mills
Innovative Foods Provider
Harding's Hope
Josh Harding's Foundation
Hays Companies
Risk Management
Linen & Uniform Services
Clothing Retailer
L & M Supply
Sporting Goods
Energy Engineers
Sugar Lake Lodge
Resort Hospitality
Virtual Health Care

I've built my career and multiple interactive teams around the mentality that collaboration is truly the only way that the best ideas are discovered. The same can be said with the clients that I've worked with; the best interactive solutions were created when the relationship between client and vendor was a collaborative experience.

Let's Talk


If you have any digital needs or are looking for a different set of eyes to creatively look at your current project please feel free to reach out to me by completing the form here and let's chat soon.

Yeah, I'm social! Check out these channels:

Twitter: @jw_design
LinkedIn: Let's Connect