Responsive Website & Donations Integration

TripleTree requested a more modern look to match their new branding used in other marketing efforts. With a high volume of visitors gravitating to the blog, from mobile, they wanted that experience to be responsive.

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  • Client

    Hardings Hope

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    UI Designs
    Donations Integration

  • Relationship

    This is a Spyder Trap client.

Responsive Website Design

Josh Harding and his foundation team wanted a site that is an intuitive experience with the hopes that their message and goals were easily digestible.

Donation Integration

One of the main goals of the site was to entice users to donate to the foundation through a short, responsive online form. Using Stripe, I was able to integrate a responsive form that was quick and painless for the user.

Mobile Experience

Many of the other marketing efforts were going to be in areas where the user would have instant access to the site through mobile. Designing an easily scannable and navigatible site was a must.