Responsive Web Design

Kinney & Lange specializes in intellectual property law and required an online presence that represented their unique current and future clientele. Their website not only needed to showed strong areas of expertise and diverse practice areas but also increase new leads and goal conversions.

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  • Client

    Kinney & Lange

  • Deliverables

    Interactive Wireframes
    UI Designs

  • Relationship

    This is a Spyder Trap client.

Clean, Interactive, Engaging

We wanted the experience to be different than that of most law firms where it resembled more accurately to the ideas and technology that many of their clients create.

Experts in Intellectual Property

Well spaced and large content areas were needed to explain the knowledge and level of expertise that Kinney & Lange possess. At the same time, each page needed to be a quick and easy scan for the user to locate their desired information or next action.

Sharing The Knowledge

Kinney & Lange took advantage of a blog to share the latest news and events within a rapidly evolving industry.