Responsive Web Design

A responsive website to match the new branding style of the Michelina's look & feel.

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  • Client

    Belliso Foods / Michelina's

  • Deliverables

    Interactive Wireframes
    UI Designs

  • Relationship

    This is a Spyder Trap client.

Better Food, Better Product

Using amazing photography to highlight the quality ingredients Michelina's brand image rose to much higher level.

Product Details & Feedback

It was important for Michelina's to make the customer base fully aware of the product details and what others had to say about the individual products. Their confidence in the brand and quality of the product returned a high majority of the satisfied customers who love Michelina's dinners.

Our Story

Remembering the founder Jeno Paulucci and how he created an amazing company from the ground up was a story that had to be shared and admired.