Web Design & Responsive Blog

TripleTree requested a more modern look to match their new branding used in other marketing efforts. With a high volume of visitors gravitating to the blog, from mobile, they wanted that experience to be responsive.

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    Interactive Wireframes
    UI Designs
    Responsive Blog

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    This is a Spyder Trap client.

Interactive Prototyping

By creating web-based interactive wireframes I gave TripleTree a more accurate representaiton of what the layout would look like and also allowing us to test user experience elements.

Creative Design

With layout established I was able to bring the site to life with large photography and TripleTree branding.

Responsive Blog

TripleTree regularily contributed to their blog with valuable content that was consumed across all devices 2-3 times more than the rest of the site. A Responsive Web Experience was the obvious choice.